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An ideal party for a Bombshell involves risque clothing, flirty companions, mouth watering appetizers, and potential for a little mischievousness. Can you say pajama party? This works for anybody looking for a bordello-inspired, sexy event. Get inspired!

Excuses to throw a lingerie/pajama party:

  • Bridal Shower
  • Engagement Party (for a racy couple)
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Singles Party
  • Viewing Party: Screening a fashionable movie or TV Marathon aka Sex and the City night
  • My personal favorite: Grown up Sleepover
Start with either a pink-and-gold OR a purple-and-platinum decor; add festive food and luscious libations to inspire gal-pal revelry, and you’ve got a look that’s romantic, but not schmaltzy.
Courtesy of Shabby Chic Style blog: Romantic Tablescapes

She sprinkled some little plastic hearts from a craft store, pink caramel kisses, a strand of pearls and a few rose votives. She put it on top of mirror (genius!) along with a vase full of supermarket (no need to break the bank!) roses.

Tabletops: Make a cozy dining space around the coffee table, set up extra seating , including floor pillows, if necessary. Decorate with rose-filled glass bowls (Float roses in glass or silver pedestal bowls) , masses of rose-colored votives, and red and fuchsia hanging lanterns. Scatter roses or orchid blossoms and votive lights around bowls. Arrange low glass or silver/gold vases with orchid stems on coffee and side tables and on the dining table buffet.

Scatter rose petals all around the place!
Madame Sera’s take on lingerie party…

The club was turned into the hottest bedroom in town! Madame Sera displayed four poster beds in the club that were draped in fuchsia pink silks. The entire space was lit with red and pink Rude lacey lampshades which were the back drop for pink velvet beds that were strewn with plump cushions and saucy feathers that were used to tickle ones fancy.

A selection of Madame Sera’s Foxy Cushions
Plump and blousy, made up of exquisite fabrics and textiles. These Cherries form the basis of every truly chic and exotic room.
A lair of pillows
Note Madame Sera’s Rude Lampshades in the background.
Madame Sera strung long fuchsia feathers from the chandeliers and ceilings.
Lots and lots of balloons! The more the better. When you do something so obviously party-like, best to push the limits. Imagine wading through those! That reminds of the fight scene in the Sex and the Movie when Carrie and Miranda go on their singles Valentine’s Day dinner. Then the secrets drop…
There were pillow fights by naughty, show off type London girls (in peach satin boxer shorts and teeny weenie brassieres that made all busts heave and jiggle with the lack of fabric!)
Please note these are direct quotes from her website, this is not MY commentary. hehehe
Luckily, Madame Sera thought that the ‘pillow fights’ were highly likely and saucily stuffed all the pillows with fuchsia pink feathers beforehand!!!
The Menu:
Baked Brie with Pears and Raspberries
Bowls of popcorn, yogurt-covered raisins, and white-chocoalte covered pretzels
Smoked Salmon and Caviar on Lemon Toasts
Shrimp cocktails
Mini burgers (Meat and Veggie)

The key to a spirited party like this is to splurge on the drinks!
Drinks of Choice: Pink Champagne, Rose, Prosecco

Veuve Clicquot Rose
Non-alcoholic Beverages
Raspberry Ginger Ale (LOVE THIS!)

~Watermelon Lemonade~
(Serves 8)
In a tight-sealing pitcher, combine 3 cups of water and fresh lemon juice with 1 cup sugar and 4 cups seeded and pureed fresh watermelon; mix well. Chill thoroughly. Serve over ice, garnished with lemon wheels and mint sprigs.

Macaroons, tropical fruit platter

Bombshell Party Must-Have: Chocolate
A lingerie party is for women, after all, and there are few things women love more than chocolate. Why not make it with chocolate fondue? A true bombshell knows that fondue is an underrated, sensual foodie adventure. Plus, its so easy! All that passionate sharing of finger foods, luscious fruits and creamy milk chocolate equals bombshell decadence.

1 cup heavy cream
8 oz. semisweet or milk chocolate chips (preferably melting chocolate)
1) In a small saucepan, warm cream over low heat. Add in chocolate chips, and stir constantly until completely melted and smooth.
2) Then pour into fondue pot or heaving serving dish and serve immediately.
*Also Try:
Peanut and Chocolate
Follow the recipe, above, and then stir in 1/4 cup creamy peanut butter after chocolate melts!

~What to Dip~
Crispy cookies or biscotti
Fresh fruit such as bananas, berries, or pineapples
Angel Food Cake
Music Playlist
Bombshell Favorites
Peggy Lee, “Fever”
Blossom Dearie, ‘I Won’t Dance”
Cachao, “Mambo”
When things are heating up:
(Some may sound cheesy, but it is scientifically proven that people tend to dance spicier when these tunes come on) – Christina Aguileria (the Dirty years), Nelly, Latin/Salsa inspired music, Dirty Stop Out (sexy rock n’roll band) and anything on the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack.

When things are winding down:
Paolo Nutini

What to Wear:
Lingerie of course! Anything satiny, lacy, and ultra luxurious.

Silky slips with bright colored stockings. I have the fuchsia stay-ups from Agent Provocateur. They work wonders!
Agent Provocateur Classic Red Corset
Silk men’s pajamas work as well.
These sexy ‘ready for bed’ pyjamas are essential for every boudoir seduction ritual or lingerie party.
Don’t forget the accessories!
Agent Provocateur’s Crystal tipped Whip!
Dance Off – Soul Train with a racy twist
I’ve Never…
Strip Poker – Winner Takes All!

And of course…PILLOW FIGHTS!
Take a cue from The Girls Next Door (Bridget, Kendra, and Holly) and engage in some harmless pillow fighting.


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Taryn Cox’s Cocktail Selection…..

These beautiful pictures are from Taryn Cox’s blog: “The Wife.” She had a 1920’s inspired champagne cocktail birthday party. It includes everything a bombshell event planner should expect from an event: flattering light with classy candles, special touches (note the hand-written menu), and food that looks straight out of a Marie Antoinette fashion spread. Kudos to Ms. Cox who appears to be a modern-day Grace Kelly. I found out about her through this delightful Elle Magazine spread that inspired me to break out my girly dresses and unabashedly overdress. Check it out!

Taryn Cox’s Bar
Nothing But Krug Champange for Taryn’s guests...

And labels for the Mixers.
Taryn also said she made “Spa Water”… ( Water, Lemon and Cucumber Slices with Mint Leaves. )
Ms. Cox herself and her glam Couture Black Jill Stuart Dress

“Presentation is EVERYTHING! My replica Birthday Cake from Martha Stewart Weddings. Lots of Pastel Hydrangeas. And an assortment of Sweet treats for my friends: Macaroons from Paulette in Beverly hills, Cookies from Milk, Mini cupcakes from Joan’s on Third.
She used place Ballet Pink place tags to label foods, with a gold wax seals underneath her handwriting. Love the macroons straight out of Marie Antoinette. Makes me want to take a trip to Lauduree Tea Salon in Paris.

Taryn Cox’s Birthday Cake! Martha Stewart Wedding Inspired.
All pictures from Taryn Cox’s blog: The Wife

Please stay tuned because I’m going to be posting on one of my favorite party themes: Marie Antoinette inspired parties! I will also be adding more Bombshell Icons, modern-day and otherwise.

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Madame Sera’s ‘New Moon ‘ cupboards, made to order in any size or color
Courtesy of Madame Sera

Esme in her Sera of London salon
Courtesy of www.seraoflondon.com
Madame Sera : Bombshell Icon

Madame Sera Hersham-Loftus, proprietress of Sera of London, an interior decoration service and décor “fancy-lady” shop that features her “rude lampshades” fashioned out of couture laces and trimmed with exotic ribbons and crystals, “foxy cushions, ” “exotic make-up for walls,” and her own Madame Sera perfume, which is described as, like her interiors, “exotically seductive” and “for women who love to feel all woman.” Madame Sera lives and breathes this trend with her diva name, coquettish style, and love of very expensive lingerie from gentleman callers. Even so, she is also a very successful self-made businesswoman, single mother, and came out on top to help other women get in touch with their femininity.

She is an incredibly talented interior designer and her website is an absolute bombshell must. In my past life as a journalist, I did a feature story on the boudoir aesthetic and the trend towards romantic and more ornamental design. I’ve been a huge fan of her work ever since I visited her store in Notting Hill Gate. It was like I had entered my version of paradise complete with bordello style furniture and sexy lighting. A year later, she was generous enough to grant me an interview and some highlights include:

  • Her greatest design influences include the Far East , Mystery, and Erotica.
  • Babara Halumiki and Anoushka Hemple are her interior design heroes.
  • The Victorian era, the 1930’s, and the 1970’s are the time periods that inspire her the most due to their romantic influence.
  • In one sentence, she would describe her personal style as “sexy, bohemian, ultra-feminine, womanly, strong exotic and heady.”
  • And my personal favorite answer of Madame Sera’s: What inspires women to create a more romantic space for themselves? Her response, “Sex.” A woman after my own heart.

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Hello world!

Andrea Kett: Foxy Cushions for Sera of London

Welcome to my new blog! The purpose of this is to promote my new life as an event planner.

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