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Here are my pics from my Gossip Girl Viewing Party!



  • Serena’s Truffled Grilled Cheese
  • Blair’s Waldorf Salad
  • XOXO Funfetti Cupcakes



  • Sofia Sparkling Wine


Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs from Francis Ford Coppola’s Winery
For a multitude of moods and “just because” occasions, Sofia Mini is a single—serving of our effervescent Blanc de Blancs. Zesty, refreshing, cool and fun, each dazzling pink can comes with its own straw for sipping, so you can take it anywhere—anytime you feel like sparkling.


  • Shirley Temples


IMG_4716A couple of shirley temples with a side of gossip courtesy of Us Weekly


  • Lots of Candles: Pinks, Fuchsia, Purple, and White


  • Faux Pearl Chandelier


  • XOXO banner

IMG_4720Ariel: Co-Hostess With the Mostess

Hot Party Accessory: A Cute Headband!


My fuchsia headband / courtesy of Forever 21

Thanks for checking out my pictures! More party ideas, favorite websites, and bombshell inspiration to come….


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Welcome Upper East Siders to my Gossip Girl viewing party inspiration post.

Gossip Girl is my guiltiest of pleasures and it also provides an endless source of party bash inspiration.

Gossip Girl

Last year, I attended a Gossip Girl finale party at Mantra in Boston. There weren’t many people, but the mellow lighting and (free/delish) drinks more than made up for it.

*”Gossip Girl” devotees hoofed it to Mantra to watch the show’s season finale and sip themed Svedka vodka cocktails, including the saucy “Frenemies Forever” and “Future Ex.” Fans were encouraged to wear school uniforms, headbands, ascots, and crested blazers as they watched Chuck and Blair’s nasty antics. Cheers to guilty pleasures.” -*From Boston.com

Mantra1Boston’s Mantra in Gossip Girl Finale mode


The show was projected on screens that were displayed all over the lounge.

~Potential Themes for a Viewing Party~

  • Preppy Garden Party
  • Cocktail Hour
  • Borrow from a Valentine’s Day theme: Incorporate XOXO into the decorations
  • Justin Timberlake’s restaurant “Southern Hospitality” threw a Season 3 premiere party:

“Schools in session, and we are ready for some gossip.  Join us for the Season 3 premiere of Gossip Girl.  Come decked out in Gossip Girl style: blazers, headbands, anything purple, a sweater only Vanessa would wear.  Impress us with your best Beta-Bass or Serena and win our Character Lookalike contest.  Drink & food specials all night.”

  • Gossip Girl trivia and Character Lookalike contests with appetizers, drinks & gear as prizes
  • Award for Best Headband
  • Free shot for anyone with a Brooklyn drivers license



  • Framed Gossip Girl quotes with corresponding pictures

IKEA has some cheap, classic frames that you can use and switch out the pictures depending on the theme.


  • Fancy cocktail hour with finger food, caviar, fancy tea sandwiches
  • Think rich people food!

Here are some other great Gossip Girl menu ideas

Chuck feeds a drunk Serena a grilled cheese sandwich from his hotel’s kitchen.

“Not your ordinary grilled cheese — it’s actually on the New York Palace Hotel‘s restaurant menu — this sandwich costs $50. So what makes it so divinely delicious and extra expensive? Thick-cut bakerybread, imported Italian Fontina cheese, and fresh shaved black truffles.”

Gossip Girl’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich
From Christopher Lee

8 slices of fresh baked white bread (look for a local bakery)
16 slices of fontina cheese
2 tbsp sweet butter
2 oz fresh shaved black winter truffles
salt and pepper, to taste

  1. Layer 2 slices of fontina cheese between 2 slices of white bread and shave a couple of slices of truffles in the middle of each sandwich; do the same for all four sandwiches.
  2. Heat a large fry pan over medium heat and add the butter.
  3. When the butter melts, add the sandwiches and cook until the bread is nice and toasted.
  4. Remove and slice sandwiches in half and place into four plates.

Makes 4 sandwiches.

  • Serve something kitschy like Waldorf salad in honor of former Queen Bee Blair.


  • Martinis

They are always drinking them. Whether Blair is nursing one during one of her dethroned times or Serena is swigging hers when she’s doing her bad/party girl routine, they are an essential item in this show’s repertoire.

  • Shirley Temples

Because they are cute, appropriate, and what I imagine underage upper east sider Queen Bees should be sipping on. Extra cherries please!

  • Specialty Cocktail like XOXO shots, Blairtinis, Upper East Sliders

Party Favors

  • Headbands


Silk bow headband by Susan Daniels, $56; buy online now at winknyc.com.

I’m still undecided  on who reigns supreme as the #1 Bombshell Party Planner: Lily Bass or Blair Waldorf? Both throw some very decadent parties on the show.

GOSSIP GIRLLily Bass: The ultimate Park Avenue hostess.

Blair-hostBlair Waldorf hosts brunch – decadent spread (always) included.

Needless to say, there is a plethora of party and more importantly, party theme inspiration from the show.

Next post, I’ll show you my pictures from my own Gossip Girl Premiere Party. Stay Tuned. (I can’t resist!) xoxo

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Every bombshell has their guilty pleasures. One of mine is the thoroughly entertaining, campy, and (of course) sexy HBO series, “True Blood.” Sunday was the season finale of Season 2 and all weekend I was in full-blown party mode.

True Blood piccollage1

I wanted to post about the potential inspiration drawn from the series. I decided to go for the obvious ghoulish, red, bloody theme for a True Blood Party.

However, I could have always done something campy and unique like a maenad inspired, Dionysian feast. Inspired by the mysterious mischief-maker Maryann who throws one raging party.  Back when we first met the beautiful Mary Ann, we knew she was up to something but we didn’t realize it was no good. She lived in a palatial home with a spectacular pool, she was always chopping up exotic fruit and she rolled a mean joint. She took in Tara and Eggs, saying that she was just trying to help get them back up on their feet, but soon she began throwing raging parties with orgiastic results.

maryann3Very evil, but sexy Greek God worshipper Maryann

maryann greek goddessdancing-maryannMaryann whips customers in Merlotte’s bar into a writhing, dancing froth.

“Greek Mythology defines Maenads as the female followers of Dionysus.  A literal translation of the name means “raving ones” In Wikipedia the Maenads are said to be inspired by Dionysus “into a state of ecstatic frenzy, through a combination of dancing and drunken intoxication. In this state, they would lose all self control, begin shouting excitedly, engage in uncontrolled sexual behavior, and ritualistically hunt down and tear animals (and sometimes men and children) to pieces, devouring the raw flesh.”

Maryann’s Dance: Get inspired

The menu would be tons of booze and lots of exotic fruit…

Maryann's Kitchen

But I digress, big time! I promise to come up with a theme inspired by Maryann some other time. The pressing question is how do you have a classy Vampire-inspired viewing party?

I was inspired by this blog’s take on a Twilight theme party. I’m personally not a fan of the books, but I was taken with their romantic theme and featuring candle light as one of the focal points of their tablescape. As any Bombshell knows, mood lighting is key.


Again, not a huge fan of the books, but gotta love the sexy red theme.

twilightpartyideas_11Candles as the focal point

I’d probably go for red, white, and a couple of black candles thrown in.

You could make “blood drip candles” by drizzling melted was from a red candle on top of a white taper candle, then displaying them in cool candelabras.

Playing on the red theme, check out this tablescape* from Social Couture:

*A tablescape is the overall look of your table, and the area around the table. It includes the table centerpiece , the place settings, napkins, decorations, chairs, and anything else used to set the mood of the table. The tablescape can set the tone for the whole party, or gathering.



Now what to serve at a True Blood party? You could always get inspired by Merlottes and flip some Lafayette-inspired burgers and serve some of Sam Merlotte’s special chili.

But what about a romantic True Blood party? Let’s stick with the theme of red, finger food, and most importantly, drinks, and lots of them.


  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries


  • “Cherry Gore”

Courtesy of the True Blood Wiki page

-Get ample Pitted cherries ( figure 1 cup per expected guest)
-Pit them
-Run through a food processor or blender until just chapped and mangled
-Get a baking tray (like for brownies or sheet cake)
– Spread cherry mash out in tray
– Put in freezer (not long enough to freeze them HARD – Just STIFFEN)
– Put in glasses and serve w/ spoon

This is also good with a variety of alcohol, ice cream, yogurt, etc. Its icy and it looks like bloody vampire viscera.

  • Chocolate fondue / Chocolate fountain

Featuring white chocolate that’s been dyed red to look like blood, of course!

2207_MEDIUMJust add red food dye to the white chocolate!

  • Red Velvet Cupcakes that look like they’ve been splattered with blood

Just like these fabulous creations from Retro Bakery in Las Vegas



  • Vampire Kiss Martini


1 part vodka (chilled), 1 part champagne, 1 part Chambord

Pour vodka, then top off with Champagne.

Finish up with the “blood”:  pour some of the Chambord

over the back of a spoon to make it float

White candles, dripped red melted candels on top

  • Pina Gouhlada


A frothy drink is tempting enough, but one served in a red-rimmed glass is particularly enticing to monsters who drink blood. Corn syrup with food coloring tinges the classic pina colada with a devilish sweetness. Dip the rim of each glass into the red mixture, spinning slowly to coat. Turn glasses upright; the red liquid will drip slightly, then set. Pour drinks, and serve. Drinkers’ lips may be stained pink — much like those of a sated vampire.

  • Strawberry Margaritas (throw in some extra red food dye)
  • Blood Thirsty Marys


How to make a bloody rim for all of your seductive drinks:

From Hostess With The Mostess Blog

The “blood rim” is made from the same kind of mixture as you’d use to make hard candy. It’s actually pretty easy, but you will need a candy thermometer (which you can find at most grocery stores).


1 c. Sugar
1/2 c. Karo Syrup
1/2 c. Water
Red Food Coloring
Cinnamon (optional)

Combine sugar, syrup and water. Cook without stirring to hard crack stage – which is 300 degrees F. Add food coloring. (Optional: Cinnamon may be added for flavor.)

Turn off heat. While the mixture is still hot, dunk the top of the cocktail glass into the mixture to create the red rim. If you need to do several glasses, keep the mixture hot so it lasts longer (instead of turning heat off, just reduce slightly).You can go anywhere from just along the very tip of the rim to part way down the glass – whichever you prefer. Flip the glass right side up to cool. The thick consistency of the mixture will cause “drips” as it hardens on the glass!

~Non-alcoholic Drinks~

  • Blood-Red Hot Chocolate

Those who want to sink their teeth into blood-red drinks will enjoy cups of hot chocolate, tinged scarlet with food coloring.

  • mld103866_1008_bones_xlShirley Temples

~Party Invites and Favors~

The True Blood Wiki has posted some awesome pdf’d party invites and labels to create your own True Blood bottles.

trubloodPrint them out and stick them on Sobe or Jones Soda bottles.

For more inspiration, please check out this fantastic True Blood-inspired Birthday Party!!!

I promise to post more inspiration and my own True Blood finale party pics tomorrow. Stay tuned….

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