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Although a  bombshell yearns for the days of lamé and men in hats, she is still always in tuned with the latest trends and  films.  I’m very excited to see Nine, Rob Marshall’s movie version of the lavishly bombastic 1982 Broadway show –itself adapted from Frederico Fellini’s 1963 art-film 8 1/2. There are so many bombshells in this movie: Nicole, Kate, Penelope, Sophia.  Can’t wait for December 25th!


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Madame Sera’s ‘New Moon ‘ cupboards, made to order in any size or color
Courtesy of Madame Sera

Esme in her Sera of London salon
Courtesy of www.seraoflondon.com
Madame Sera : Bombshell Icon

Madame Sera Hersham-Loftus, proprietress of Sera of London, an interior decoration service and décor “fancy-lady” shop that features her “rude lampshades” fashioned out of couture laces and trimmed with exotic ribbons and crystals, “foxy cushions, ” “exotic make-up for walls,” and her own Madame Sera perfume, which is described as, like her interiors, “exotically seductive” and “for women who love to feel all woman.” Madame Sera lives and breathes this trend with her diva name, coquettish style, and love of very expensive lingerie from gentleman callers. Even so, she is also a very successful self-made businesswoman, single mother, and came out on top to help other women get in touch with their femininity.

She is an incredibly talented interior designer and her website is an absolute bombshell must. In my past life as a journalist, I did a feature story on the boudoir aesthetic and the trend towards romantic and more ornamental design. I’ve been a huge fan of her work ever since I visited her store in Notting Hill Gate. It was like I had entered my version of paradise complete with bordello style furniture and sexy lighting. A year later, she was generous enough to grant me an interview and some highlights include:

  • Her greatest design influences include the Far East , Mystery, and Erotica.
  • Babara Halumiki and Anoushka Hemple are her interior design heroes.
  • The Victorian era, the 1930’s, and the 1970’s are the time periods that inspire her the most due to their romantic influence.
  • In one sentence, she would describe her personal style as “sexy, bohemian, ultra-feminine, womanly, strong exotic and heady.”
  • And my personal favorite answer of Madame Sera’s: What inspires women to create a more romantic space for themselves? Her response, “Sex.” A woman after my own heart.

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